DEAD SESSIONS Post- Phish Party
12/30/10 @ Santos Party House
100 Lafayette - NYC, NY

Following the 12/30 MSG gig, we will be throwing a late night Dead Sessions in Manhattan. Doors are at 11 P.M. and we'll go til 4 in the morning. Tickets are $15.00 and we highly recommend getting them in advance. Don't miss this one.

Tix available @
Directions @

This night's lineup will be:

Adam King - keys, vocals
Tobe Kniffin - guitar, vocals
Christina Durfee - vocals
Pat May - bass
David Diamond - guitar
Kevin Shapiro- drums
Trevor Ainsworth - drums

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Decmeber 19, 2010 TBM Update

As we near the 10 year anniversary of the Mafia, we're attempting to better chronicle our past. You may have noticed that shows on have been temporarilly removed. We assure you they'll be back up soon after we've cleaned the up - all for your quallity listening experience. Check out Benny around the nation - tourdates are on Check Adam and the gang rocking Dead Sessions - tourdates and updates at and check out DS shows still up on, search for Dead Sessions. See you at the annual Cosby look-alike contest in Omaha.

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