Summer 2007 Lineup:

Ben Yurco - guitar, vocals
Adam King - keyboards, vocals
Owen Price - drums
Chris DeAngelis- bass

Ever evolving into their own brand of ferocity, Turkey Bouillon Mafia has become an all-out rock and roll event. With years of relentless Northeast touring, and countless sold-out nights of vibrant destruction in their hometown of Burlington, the Mafia has reached a new comfort zone of underground innovation. Touching on multiple genres, TBM centers on a core of viscous funk, heavy rock, jazz, and metallic Americana. This death-funk emerges from the tight bond of a trusting four-piece, but on any given night there can be a dozen people on stage, all feeding from the undeniable energy of modern rock creation at its’ finest.
Presently at work on their first full-length studio album due out in the Fall, the ingenuity of Yurco and King’s distinct writing styles will finally be heard in a context outside of their brutal live performances. The band thrives on an open-wounded bond between themselves and the audience, and this has led to a endless list of the finest musicians in the game joining Turkey Bouillon Mafia on stage: Jen Hartswick, Dave Grippo, and Andy Moroz of Trey Anastasio Band, Christina Durfee Of T.A.B. and Phil Lesh and Friends, Seth Yacovone and all of SYB, Rob Marscher of Addison Groove Project, Lowell Thompson, Brett Hughes and Marie Claire of Ramble Dove, members of Strangefolk, Peter Prince of Moon Boot Lover, ,Chris Michetti and Todd Stoops of Raq, and members of TBM have also performed with all four members of Phish, Mice Parade, Vorzca, Gordon Stone, Sean Kelly of The Samples, Jerry Gaskill of King’s X, T. Lavitz of Jazz is Dead and countless others.


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