August 30th 2007

We are focused on finishing the album. New ideas have been thrown around but it will be done be patient. We had a kick ass time playing the Benefit for Big John. With the help of the Burlington people we made a bunch of money for him and his family. Thank you to Higher Ground and the employees for the donations, all the glass blowers and people who pitched in for the raffle, and the caring people who came out and supported John in his time of need.

News! News! News!
We have 2 local Burlington, VT shows back to back. The first night is September 13th at Nectars and the second night September 14th upstairs @ Metronome. These shows are 18+ before 11pm so kids get there early. Doors at 9pm

Saturday October 14, 2006 –

Can I kick it? Sure, can you? Guess so, why the hell not? Well all right then. The album progresses… as the divine moss grows from the heat and the dark, as we dance on imbedding needles of hot vinyl engravers. Strength. Cha boogie. For real though, don’t be crazy and miss out on this: OCTOBER 27, 2006 – HIGHER GROUND – NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD MAFIA BLOW YOUR ASSHOLE OUT NIGHT – That’s right, this time come strapped with a Pamper. Please honor us with your presence as we show the old youth and young elders alike what evil truly lurks in their own hearts. Most demonically dressed Mafia fan wins uhh, I don’t know, a t-shirt or something. Stop bugging me. And if for some reason you don’t want to attend the dopest Halloween party in Vermont this year as well as one of the few TBM gigs scheduled right now as the album wraps up, you can see us in the complete opposite venue on… SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18th Turkey Bouillon Mafia will be the special guest on Late Night Saturday, on Vermont CBS. Contact the band if you’re interested in viewing the taping of the show, which takes place Thursday, November 16th. Oh the dark phoenix is perched to fly, have no doubt mortals…

JUNE 25, 2006 ...IT CAN'T BE STOPPED...

Sometimes you're afraid - but then you embrace that darkness, and tears of satin headsnacks drape your inner psyche like your childhood Transformers blanket - or so I've been told. Boston was amazing. Thank you to so many of our friends who we haven't seen in so long, and to all our other friends who trecked down from Burlington with us. Common Ground didn't know what to expect and we freaked the living fuck out of em'. God bless all of you for that. If you hadn't heard the rumors, it was bassmaster mania. We walked with Patty May into the light of eternal tomorrows and he danced into the photons of blindmen's visions. The light cast deep and from the depths emerged Robert Yoo - Mafia bassist of mythological creations. It was magical, rabbi, goddamn friggin' magical. At Higher Ground, the magic will be overflowing. We will be joined on bass by our good friend, Aram Bedrosian. He's gonna rip us all a new one, and then we're gonna drown in glory as our heros bombard the stage around us. Don't miss this night - gonna be one of those shakin' on the car ride home kinda evenings. Mafia lives strong. We promise. 

MAY 23, 2006 -
...and breathe out...

One day the sun shall return to this forsaken land known as Newer England, but until then rock will seep from the sewers. Desires and postulations, the bubbles of eruption no longer verging but truly beginning to burst and overflow. We're jumping into summer - planning surprises and taking names. The Mafia is proud to announce that after years of periphery touchdowns, we're finally hitting Boston head on. Please join us on Friday June 23 as we hit Common Ground in Beantown! There is limited capacity here so get out early - THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT. This is the first date in a list of many summer battles to soon be announced. More festivals, more new venues, more new music, more incredible energy, and more epic domination of the auratory senses. Beware. 

Friday March 31, 2006 - March is out like a lamb and we's gonna grill them vittles right up TONIGHT @ The Matterhorn...ya know check the TOUR page for more info. Still at work in the studio new material is flowin like a mudslide covering everything...killing 100's!

Here's an old school morsel with a new twist - COSBY RADIO REMIX thanks to our man Derek in Lyndonville, VT for keeping the FCC off our ass!

So if we won't see you at our next show and give us a shout in the updated forum and tell us how much your life sucks without.... TBM

Tuesday Feb 14, 2006 - Happy day of commercial love our fellow brethren and sistori! Here's the latest from deep in the Mafia laboratories: our previously dubbed "feeble" attempts to destroy winter in Vermont have turned out a tremendous success, and we are now in work to bring Arizona into the Arctic Circle. And lo! We are not hibernating, there is music being made, amazing music. Where you ask? We won't tell. But believe me more than ever when I say, keep your damn ears and eyes open! Things are changing for us in weird and magical ways, and we can't wait to freak the fuck out of y'all. You'll notice new gigs are being added everyday, and please have no fear when you hear the rumor that May 6 at Higher Ground may be the last Turkey Bouillon Mafia show ever! Or maybe...


Monday Jan 16, 2006 - The Hartford weather experiment was a success. After traveling trough sideways rain and fog as thick as a side o'gravy we found ourselves a good time in King's homeland, the foothills of centralsouthwest CT. The ride back was white knuckle ice and wind all the great stuff that brings an appriciation for some time off the road. It's been a great extended holiday tour what lies ahead will be the stuff dreams are made of. Don't be a stranger...TBM

1/2/06 - Thanks to all who came out for NYE it was memorable! (so they say). To those who decided not to make the journey have no fear:


To all you who couldn't leave the city long enough to come check us out at Mexicali Blues last weekend,
get yo lazy ass to a subway and catch TBM this Friday Jan 6 at what could be the next Wetlands... CODA located on 34th & Madison. Our good friends Vorcza will be joining us giving you a whole night of VT ACTION IN THE CITY!

To all you VT mountain junkies, kids in Stowe, Johnson and Montpelier...
TBM will make our ski haus debut at THE MATTERHORN - Stowe, VT Thursday Jan 12!

CT fans that missed our rowdy show in Hartford come hang at ADAM KING'S HOMETOWN FIESTA!
Saturday Jan 14 at The Red Door - Watertown, CT

More information below. Also check for show info and newly uploaded mp3’s!

12/29/05 - Hartford RAWKS!

12/23/06 - TBM HEADS TO THE MOUNTAIN! - TBM will play 2 shows at The Matterhorn in Stowe, VT this winter. The first show is THURSDAY 1/12/06 -18 DAYS AWAY!!!!! (see tour dates page for more details)

Thursday November 24, 2005 - THE DAY OF TURKEY - Y'all get nice and fat today. We have a couple weeks off before our ALL AGES show at Nectar's on 12/14. Come one come all the lovley Wednesday night is sponsored but SUGARBUSH home of really really really deep snow. in addition to the show being all ages there will be TONS OF GIVEAWAYS including clothing, snowboards and one lucky person will walk away with a SUGARBUSH SEASON'S PASS! Wondering what to do on New Year's Eve??? Tickets for the NYE run will go on sale this week check back on the site for more info or email GOBBLE - TBM

Monday November 14, 2005 - HOMETOWN REMEDY - TBM is proud to announce a 3 night NEW YEAR"S EVE extravaganza. Please come join the celebration as we rock Hartford on Dec. 29, Mexicali's in North Jerz on the 30th, and we'll be destroying the old haunt at Nectar's for the big first night of 2006. Warning, the 31st it gonna be totally tubular. Ha! Love to thank everybody who came out early and partied late with us at Higher Ground on Saturday. For those who mised it, part of the Mafia's set was filmed in high definition by a full on film crew as part of a pilot for a new HDTV music series. We had a great time with all our friends in Addison Groove Project, coziness for all. If you missed it, we'll be playing at St. Mike's on Thursday. Watch out for the party on friday night as we're rockin' the post Trey late night in Albany. Even more to come! Stay tuned! Look the F out!

Tuesday November 8, 2005 - THE THUNDER OF THE CITY ABOUNDS - The Turkey Bouillon Mafia are honored to thank all of our dear friends and family who took the Blue Note by surprise and helped us say good morning - everyone who helped the Price family celebrate Owen's birthday in luxury in Philly - Mothers and Brothers in full capacity!!!! We love the crew that rolled tough all night at both shows and love to thank all of you who are gonna come friggin' rage with us at Higher Ground this Saturday November 12 with Addison Groove Project. So much fun, Mafia shine strong, you try to tell me why the hell not!? TBM

Tuesday November 8, 2006 - THE THUNDER OF THE CITY ABOUNDS - The Turkey Bouillon Mafia are honored to thank all of our dear friends and family who took the Blue Note by surprise and helped us say good morning - everyone who helped the Price family celebrate Owen's birthday in luxury in Philly - Mothers and Brothers in full capacity!!!! We love the crew that rolled tough all night at both shows and love to thank all of you who are gonna come friggin' rage with us at Higher Ground this Saturday November 12 with Addison Groove Project. So much fun, Mafia shine strong, you try to tell me why the hell not!? TBM

Monday 10/24/05 - THE FREAK FLAG WAS LEFT FLYING high and proud over New England this past weekend. Big shout out to all our boys and girls who hit the road with us and supported us during those classic TBM moments of premediated chaos.

ATTENTION TURKEY LOVERS in 2 weeks we will return to NYC for a specail LATE NIGHT show at the famous Blue Note Jazz Club on Friday Nov 4. When we say late night we mean LATE NIGHT Show starts at 12:30 AM. Then on Saturday Nov 5 TBM will be celebrtating Owen's B-DAY at the World Cafe Live in O's motherland of PHILLY. God gave Rock~n~Roll to you we just make you choke on it. TBM

Monday 9/26/05 - Hey we just tagged our spot on MYSPACE>>>

Thursday 9/22/05 - Notice something? Yea that's right, we got new digs all for your pleasure. So enjoy all the new stuff on the site..especialy that Cosby's available for download on the MUSIC page. Oh and don't forget to the new GET HEARD section. TBM

Tuesday 9/20/05 - Friends and lovers, well and away we go. The Mafia are extremely excited to come and hang with some of our good friends, and come back with plenty more. We're all about the quick lil' runs folks, a Worcester/Hartford weekend coming up, followed by the insanity of a very late night set at the legendary Blue Note in New York, and Philly the next day, and oh yeah that'll all be on Owen's birthday too kiddies. May I please ask now, try not to give the kid too many B-Day presents until after we're done playing! Probably easier to make the dead walk again, but I'm putting it out there. We'll be rocking the big room at Higher Ground in November with Addison Groove Project, plus a 3 night New Year's run is in the works. Again, we'd like to thank everyone who saw the sun shine with us at Camp Bisco, and everybody for coming out to Nectar's for the two night insanity - especially Seth Yacovone, The Insane Clown Posse, Fattie B, and all the believers. As the days grow darker in more ways than one, we're all together gonna keep this fire burning!! See ya'll, TBM
Friday 8/12/05- What's up y'all... Big news on the TBM front for this fall. Before we get to that though, we want to thank everyone who came out and raged the hell out of Nectars with us last weekend! That place was wild! We'll be back there soon for a Two Night Stand Thursday and Friday September 1st and 2nd, with a ton of special guests joining us......You don't want to miss the madness we have planned for those nights. For all of you fans in VT and NY, go grab the new issue of State of Mind, there's a great feature on us by the talented Mike Mckinley, and for those of you out of the area check it out at ......As for the Fall, things are really starting to roll for us, and that means we'll be rolling through your town. Follow us on our site and because we've got September, October, and November dates all over NY, CT, PA, NJ, MA, NH, ME, and our home state of VT..... Everyone coming to check us out at Camp Bisco, , our set time is gonna be at 2:00 on Saturday. We'll see you soon, Peace Out- TBM

Friday 8/5/05 - Sorry to be the spreader of shit news, but the Turkey Bouillon Mafia Rocks Off Cruise around Manhattan scheduled for this Monday, August 8, has been cancelled. Things were double booked and it's completely out of our hands, and we apoplogize to all of you who bought your tickets already. You'll obviously get a full refund. But don't worry, there's tons of new gigs on the way including a Philly, NYC jaunt within the next couple months. Huge party at Nectar's TONIGHT, for all you all not up in Burlington, you'll still feel the cosmic reverberations echoing the East Coast. Camp Bisco is only a few weeks away, get your heads and bellies ready folks! TBM

Friday 7/22/05 - Well I don't know where you all are at, but up here it is hotter than a 14 year old's training bra at a Coldplay show! Seeing as this is Vermont, we presume that Florida has already burst into flames by this point. But Oh, The Mafia is about to get metaphorically hot too you learned listeners!! We've all been having some chats with our good buddy Mike over at State of Mind Magazine as the Mafia will be a feature in next month's issue. Get a copy at We've got plenty to talk about as we have our midsummer's only downtown B-Town bash coming up in a couple weeks, followed by a ragin' booze cruise around Manhatten a few nights later! Don't miss em! Not to mention the up and coming Camp Bisco in a month! Jenny is gonna come down with us as we scare the living shit out of some rolled out raver kids! Please, please, come help us bring the fire! We'd love to see all our dear friends come out. Watch your heads because the Fall is gonna get wild: Philly, Worcester, and all your other favorite Bouillon Blowout locations. Oh did I mention, studio work is under way. Keep an eye and ear tuned. It's all happening. Your aura is purple. Peace, TBM

c ya on the street - TBM